MutaFlow Rat Blood Freezing Kit

Collect, freeze and store rat blood samples for future analysis of Pig-a gene mutation

Each MutaFlow Rat Blood Freezing kit contains all of the quality-assured supplies & reagents to collect, freeze and store 25 rat blood samples at ultracold temperatures. Note: analysis of samples requires a Thawing and Analysis kit or service (ordered separately).

Product ID: MutaFlow F-25R

Would you like to send samples to Litron for analysis?

Click here for the Rat Blood Thawing and Sample Analysis Service.

Would you like to analyze samples on your own flow cytometer?

Click here for the Rat Blood Thawing and Analysis kit.

Reminder: we support other species, including mouse.

Click here for the Mouse Blood Freezing kit.

Technical Specifications

Size of Kit

25 rat blood samples

Shipping Conditions of the Kit

  • Ambient

Storage Conditions of Kit Components

  • Refrigerator (4 °C)
  • Ambient

What's Included in the Kit

  • Anticoagulant Solution
    Dilutes blood and prevents clotting
  • Blood Freezing Solution 
    Prepares blood for long-term frozen storage
  • Cryovials and Cryovial Storage Boxes
    Stores frozen blood samples

Additional Materials Required

  • Blood collection supplies
  • Freezer (-80 °C), and refrigerator (4 °C)


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