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  • Litron Laboratories - Home


    Micronucleus analysis
    by flow cytometry


    Gene mutation analysis
    by flow cytometry


    Multiple biomarker assessment
    by flow cytometry

    Measuring DNA damage and more
    by flow cytometry

    At Litron, we use flow cytometry to solve challenging problems in the toxicology testing industry.  With our state-of-the-art kits and services, clients can determine if their compounds or chemicals cause DNA damage.  Our scientists are continually collaborating with experts around the world to transform the industry, one test at a time.

    In Vivo Micronucleus

    Investigate DNA damage
    using animal models


    Human Micronucleus

    Study DNA damage
    in human subjects


    In Vivo Pig-a Gene Mutation

    Measure Pig-a gene mutation
    using animal models


    In Vitro Pig-a Gene Mutation

    Measure Pig-a gene mutation
    using cells in culture


    In Vitro Micronucleus

    Explore DNA damage
    using cells in culture


    In Vitro MultiFlow

    Analyze multiple endpoints
    using cells in culture


    In Vivo Liver Micronucleus

    Quickly and reproducibly measure micronuclei


    NIEHS and Litron study Black Cohosh

    Black Cohosh and its extracts are widely used for medical purposes. NIEHS/NTP and Litron found the products to have an aneugenic signature that was consistent with a tubulin binder.

    Learn More

    EMGS Editor's Choice Award for impurities study

    Impurities are a known risk in the drug development process. Arylboronic acids and esters were studied and the overall results ring liver micronuclei and hepatocyte proliferation.

    Learn More

    Cell Phone Radiofrequency Genotoxicity

    The National Toxicology Program assessed the genotoxicity of two commonly used radiofrequencies in a two-year study.  

    Learn More



    Your consolidated resource center for training and support materials is here.

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    Litron’s scientists are passionate about research and regularly publish results in peer-reviewed journals. Building on our methods, scientists from around the world also continue to pursue many fascinating lines of research. Click here to see the different ways these methods are being used to protect human health.

    Featured Publications

    Scientists from around the world are continually pursuing interesting lines of research using Litron’s methods. In order to highlight their work, we turn our spotlight to recently published articles. Click here to explore these selected research endeavors.

    Training Videos

    Have questions about how a step in the manual is executed? Videos showing how to perform Litron’s methods can be accessed by clicking here.