MutaFlow Rat Blood Thawing and Sample Analysis Service

Send frozen rat blood samples to Litron for analysis of the Pig-a gene mutation by flow cytometry

The MutaFlow Rat Blood Thawing and Sample Analysis service allows frozen blood samples to Litron Laboratories for flow cytometric analysis (either GLP or non-GLP service is available). Pricing is on a per-sample basis. Note: freezing and storage of samples requires a Blood Freezing kit (ordered separately).

Product ID: MutaFlow Rat Blood Thawing and Sample Analysis Service

Would you like to add micronucleus data to your study?

Click here for the MicroFlow BASIC-R kit.

Would you like to analyze samples on your own flow cytometer?

Click here for the Rat Blood Thawing and Analysis kit.

Reminder: we support other species, including mouse.

Click here for Mouse Blood Thawing and Analysis Service.

Technical Specifications

Size of Kit

Adjustable to the size of your study

Shipping Conditions of the Kit

Not applicable

Storage Conditions of Kit Components

Not applicable

What's Included in the Kit

Not applicable

Additional Materials Required

  • Shipping box and dry ice


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