In Vivo Pig-a Gene
Mutation Analysis


(MutaFlow® Kits)

Measuring DNA Damage
at the Pig-a Locus

This test detects mutations at the Pig-a gene. These mutations prevent GPI anchors from forming. Without these anchors, specific markers on the exterior of cells will not be present. This assay measures the frequency of cells without these surface markers, also known as “Pig-a mutant cells”.

In Vivo MutaFlow kits use flow cytometry to quickly and reproducibly measure these cells.


  • Use Any Mouse or Rat Strain
    Mutation data are now easy to obtain and afford.
  • Magnetic Separation
    Enrichment increases the number of RETs analyzed per sample.
  • Compatible With Most Flow Cytometers
    May also be used with automated samplers.
  • QC’d Kits, Unlimited Technical Support
    Everything you need to successfully perform the method is included in the box or available for download!


  • Routine Mutation Data Now Possible
    No transgenic animals required. This is the first method that allows in vivo mutation to be routinely measured!
  • Acquire Information Quickly
    Score several million RETs in just a few minutes, and obtain data from up to 50 samples in one day!
  • Establish Method In-House
    Automated, walk-away analysis can significantly decrease time at the flow.
  • Feel Confident
    Speak with the scientists who developed this method. Send plots, email, or call with questions!

Species and Compartments

Rat blood

Mouse Blood

For others species, please inquire

Advantages of Peripheral Blood

Allows each subject to be sampled multiple times

Easily integrates into existing general toxicology studies

Requires very low sample volumes

Reduces the number of animals in your studies

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Obesity Linked to Cancer

Using MicroFlow and MutaFlow kits,
researchers at Tulane University found diet-induced obesity
increased baseline micronucleus and mutation values.

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