MutaFlow Mouse Blood Thawing and Analysis Kit

Thaw and analyze mouse blood samples for the Pig-a gene mutation

Each MutaFlow Mouse Blood Thawing and Analysis kit contains all of the quality-assured supplies & reagents to thaw and analyze 25 mouse blood samples using your own in-house flow cytometer. Note: freezing and storage of samples requires a Blood Freezing kit (ordered separately).

Product ID: MutaFlow PLUS-TA-25M

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Technical Specifications

Size of Kit

25 mouse blood samples

Shipping Conditions of the Kit

  • Ambient

Storage Conditions of Kit Components

  • Freezer (-20 °C)
  • Refrigerator (4 °C)
  • Ambient

What's Included in the Kit

  • Rodent Blood Thawing Solution A
    First solution used to thaw blood samples
  • Rodent Blood Thawing Solution B
    Second solution used to thaw blood samples
  • Anticoagulant Solution
    Dilutes blood and prevents clotting
  • Buffered Salt Solution
    To wash cells and used to prepare solutions
  • Anti-Rat CD24-PE Antibody
    Labels wild-type cells
  • Anti-CD45-PE Solution
    Labels leukocytes
  • Anti-Rodent CD61-PE Antibody
    Labels platelets
  • Nucleic Acid Dye Solution
    Stains nuclei and differentiates immature RBCs from mature RBCs from leukocytes

Additional Materials Required

  • Previously prepared frozen (-80 °C) mouse blood samples
  • Freezer (-20 °C), and refrigerator (4 °C)
  • Centrifuge, heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum, and other general lab supplies
  • Flow cytometer capable of 488 nm excitation
  • Lympholyte-Mammal® from Cedarlane Laboratories
  • LS Columns and either MidiMACS® or QuadroMACS® separators from Miltenyi Biotec
  • Anti-PE MicroBeads from Miltenyi Biotec
  • CountBright™ Absolute Counting Beads from Life Technologies


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