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Cell Phone Radiofrequency Genotoxicity The National Toxicology Program assessed the genotoxicity of two commonly used radiofrequencies in a two-year study. Read More NIEHS and LITRON study Black Cohosh Black cohosh and its extracts are widely used for medicinal purposes.  NIEHS/NTP and Litron found the products to have an aneugenic signature that was consistent with a tubulin binder. Read More Article Receives Editor’s Choice Award Litron’s recent article in Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis has received the Editor’s Choice award. This article describes a novel method for simultaneously measuring liver micronuclei and hepatocyte proliferation. Read More Article Selected for Open Access Litron’s recent paper in Environmental & Molecular Mutagenesis is available as Open Access. This article describes the interlaboratory validation of our new high information content MultiFlow assay. Read More Obesity Linked to Cancer Using MicroFlow and MutaFlow kits, researchers at Tulane University found diet-induced obesity increased baseline micronucleus and mutation values. Read More Driveway Sealant Causes DNA Damage Health Canada investigators used MicroFlow kits to demonstrate that extracts from a coal tar based driveway sealant increased micronucleus frequencies in mice. Read More Predicting Genotoxic Mode of Action By creating a high throughput assay that provides both mode of action (MoA) information and high specificity, Litron solves many of the problems plaguing in vitro genotoxicity testing. Read More